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Rise of the far right in Brazil

Rise of the far right in Brazil Brazilian socialist Valerio Arcary spoke to Socialist Worker about the dangerous advance of Jair Bolsonaro

Truckers in Brazil show the power of workers after strikes humiliate Temer

Truckers in Brazil show the power of workers after strikes humiliate Temer A truck drivers’ strike in Brazil has shown how repressive governments can be humbled.

Protests in Brazil after councillor is murdered

Protests in Brazil after councillor is murdered The killing of socialist Marielle Franco has fed into wider anger at the state, says Charlie Kimber

International news round-up

International news round-up Student occupations and wider protests have spread across Brazil in response to 20-year public spending freeze, while in France the state is looking to extend its state of emergency

Anger at lack of change sets back ANC in South African elections

Anger at lack of change sets back ANC in South African elections Also: Olympic protest in Rio, hunger strike in Israeli jails and BDS clampdown

As the Rio Olympics loom - the brutal reality of Brazil's eviction games

02 August 2016
A city planned for the rich and ‘slavery’ for workers while the poor are cleansed for being in the way. Andy Brown and Simon Shaw expose the Rio Olympic Games

Brazil's new right wing government faces opposition in the streets

17 May 2016
In its first days in office, Brazil’s new government led by president Michel Temer has already faced spirited opposition.

Protesters block roads and students walk out in Brazil

29 April 2016
Brazil awoke on Thursday to extensive blockades of 30 highways in 10 states by activists of the combative homeless workers’ movement MTST.

Workers must mobilise after impeachment of Rousseff in Brazil

18 April 2016
 Brazil’s Congress voted yesterday, Sunday, to impeach centre-left president Dilma Rousseff. Right wing opposition MPs gloated and cheered. Supporters of the Workers Party (PT) government shouted “coup”.

Brazil: Workers Party crisis shows limit of left’s strategy

30 March 2016
As the right moves to overturn left governments in South America, important political arguments have been raised, writes Dave Sewell

Zika epidemic in South America hits the poor the hardest

02 February 2016
The World Health Organisation declared a global emergency on Monday of this week over the Zika virus epidemic spreading through Brazil and neighbouring countries.

Mario Cravo Neto and Maud Sulter—pictures on the effect of history

26 January 2016
The London Autograph ABP gallery has two interesting exhibitions. One is by Brazilian photographer and sculptor Mario Cravo Neto.

McDonald's workers form a global alliance

01 September 2015
Fast food workers from 20 countries met in Brazil recently in a 90-strong delegation of global allies of the “Fight for 15” US-wide strike movement. 

Protests in Brazil after scandal

18 August 2015
 Hundreds of thousands of people protested in Brazil last Sunday for the impeachment of left leaning president Dilma Rousseff.

Strikes in Brazil can challenge the return of the right wing

31 March 2015
Corruption has fuelled a reactionary street movement. But there is also resistance from the left, reports Sean Purdy

Brazil’s president fights second round in election

07 October 2014
The first round of Brazil’s presidential, parliamentary and state elections took place last Sunday.

World Cup of repression, protests and strikes is changing the game in Brazil

15 June 2014
The World Cup 2014 has finally begun in Brazil. It took seven years of preparation--including thousands of forced evictions, deaths of construction workers in stadiums and emergency laws to serve the organising body Fifa.

The World Cup is deepening the struggle for Brazil's cities

06 May 2014
Henrique Sanchez says big business will be the real winner of the World Cup—while ordinary Brazilians are losing their homes

Workers walk out in Brazil - and Chile

16 July 2013
Workers struck at hundreds of workplaces across Brazil on Thursday of last week. Thousands marched in the main cities of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro.

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