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Protesters confront failing politicians at G7 summit

Protesters confront failing politicians at G7 summit Protesters raged at the G7 world leaders’ summit in Cornwall on Friday and Saturday at the start of a weekend of resistance.

Imperialism and national liberation

Imperialism and national liberation Across the world in the face of imperialism and occupation, demands are put forward for self-determination and national independence.

Letters—We hope our strike at Beis encourages others to fight

Letters—We hope our strike at Beis encourages others to fight After being on indefinite strike since the middle of July, I and the other cleaners at the department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Beis) finally have our victory.

The Kurds—a history of agony

The Kurds—a history of agony The Kurds once again find themselves under attack and under pressure from imperial powers

Imperialists betray the Kurds—again

Imperialists betray the Kurds—again The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have denounced Donald Trump’s decision to pull back American troops blocking a Turkish invasion of northern Syria as a “betrayal”. Of course they’re right.

Turkish socialists condemn invasion of Syria and attacks on refugees

10 October 2019
The Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (Dsip) in Turkey calls for peace and support for refugees

Tories cosy up to Erdogan during visit and promise weapons for his assaults

15 May 2018
The Tories and the queen rolled out the red carpet for Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan just as he is intensifying his crackdown on democratic rights and the Kurdish people

How the crisis in Syria was caused by imperialist ambition

23 February 2018
The Syrian regime’s horrific bombing in Ghouta is the legacy of a defeated revolution and a struggle for power over the Middle East

US won’t hold back Turkey in Syrian war

30 January 2018
Looking to the US to intervene on behalf of the Kurds is a recipe for disaster, argues?Nick Clark

Imperialism won’t end Kurdish agony

23 January 2018
In a Middle East tormented by the domination of Western imperialism, the Kurdish people have been among the greatest victims.

Solidarity with the People of Turkey conference says no to repression

23 January 2018
Over 300 people came to the Solidarity with the People of Turkey (Spot) conference last Saturday.

Solidarity conference in London against Recep Erdogan’s repression in Turkey

09 January 2018
Solidarity with the People of Turkey is holding a conference on “Turkey under the state of emergency—campaigning to win change!”

Iraq attacks Kurds to halt breakaway

17 October 2017

Turkish state gets support from Britain despite its brutal crackdown on HDP

08 November 2016
The British government has lined up to support the Turkish state’s brutal assault on democratic rights.

Turkish authorities arrest pro-Kurdish MPs

04 November 2016
Turkish security forces have detained at least 11 MPs from the pro-Kurdish and left-wing Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP).

Turkish and Syrian socialists issue joint statement against intervention

31 August 2016
Revolutionaries demand that Turkey immediately cease military operations in Syria, stop its enmity against the Kurds, and open its borders to refugees.

International news round-up

30 August 2016
Turkish tanks, backed by US air strikes, swept into northern Syria last weekend and attacked Kurdish YPG forces. Meanwhile in India tens of millions of workers were due to hold a nationwide general strike on Friday of this week.

Socialist activist Chris Stephenson acquitted

28 June 2016
Chris Stephenson, a socialist activist in Turkey and lecturer at Istanbul’s Bilgi university, has been acquitted of possessing “propaganda for a terrorist organisation”.

Activist Chris Stephenson to face Turkish court

11 June 2016
Chris Stephenson, socialist activist and lecturer at Istanbul’s Bilgi university, has been charged with possessing “propaganda for a terrorist organisation.”

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