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Why the protests in Russia?

Why the protests in Russia? Huge demonstrations in Russia are a challenge to Vladimir Putin’s regime. They reflect decades of failures by neoliberal and Stalinist regimes—and deserve much better leadership

A letter from Russian socialists in the struggle

A letter from Russian socialists in the struggle At the end of January, large protests took place in all of Russia’s major cities. This has sparked interest not only within the country but around the world.

Protests in Russia take aim at Putin and poverty

Protests in Russia take aim at Putin and poverty Alexei Navalny supporters are on the streets but have no more to offer working people than Vladimir Putin

Deported under new regime for being a rough sleeper

Deported under new regime for being a rough sleeper Rough sleepers in Britain who have come from other countries face deportation under new immigration laws. These will be introduced when the Brexit transition period ends.

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war A long-running border dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan has flared up with some of the heaviest fighting in four years.

Yellow Vest actions hit cities all over France

Yellow Vest actions hit cities all over France Demonstrators continued their fight this weekend despite police repression

Protests call for freedom in Belarus as Lukashenko issues threats

24 August 2020
Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko launched a fresh crackdown on the democracy movement on Monday.

Workers in Russia riot and strike over unpaid wages

29 July 2020
A wave of workers’ protests and riots over unpaid wages and working conditions has swept Russia during the coronavirus pandemic.

Don’t rush in to wrong explanations of Russian interference

26 July 2020
Vladimir Putin and the Russian state are ruthless. But so is Britain. The real story is about competition, cooperation and corruption under capitalism

Migrants locked up in Russia stage mass hunger strike

22 July 2020
Socialists in Russia report on a hunger strike and sit-in by migrants trapped in Russia's detention system

Russia, Britain and the money connection

20 July 2020
A report, carried out by parliament’s intelligence and security committee, showed links with the Russian rich.

Korean War showed up imperialist barbarism

05 July 2020
The ‘forgotten war’ that began 70 years ago wrecked a country so that big powers could grab more influence, writes Sophie Squire

Arctic oil spill means environmental catastrophe

07 June 2020
The destruction in Norilsk, Russia, is shaped by the connected issues of climate change and the profiteering interests of private companies.

Russia 1917 - how a revolution beat back a pandemic

08 May 2020
How would a society that has had a revolution deal with pandemics? A glimpse comes from Russia in 1917. The working class, headed by the Bolshevik party, took power in a revolution there in October. Immediately, they had to deal with waves of disease sweeping large parts of Europe.

Mr Jones shows the horror of Stalin’s counter-revolution

07 February 2020
A film about a journalist who uncovers famine in Ukraine could have fallen to smug pro-Westernism. But it has more to say

1949 — Mao & the Chinese revolution

24 September 2019
Seventy years ago revolution in China threw off the rule of landlords and struck a blow to Western imperialism. But it wasn’t a socialist revolution, and its aims were not to put people in power, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Crackdown on protests as Putin fears challenge in upcoming local elections

30 July 2019
Russian police arrested thousands of protestors in the capital Moscow

Warsaw 44 – An uprising betrayed

30 July 2019
Tens of thousands of people in Warsaw rose up against Nazi rule 75 years ago this month. The heroic action was abandoned by the Allies writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

How Moon landings projected US power

16 July 2019
Were moon landings a giant leap forward for humanity, or the culmination of a growing Cold War? Gabby Thorpe boldly goes in search of the legacy of the space race

Kursk—a film that gives a snapshot of Russian society

02 July 2019
Kursk—the Last Mission, tells the story of a Russian submarine disaster in 2000. It is for people who like war and disaster films.

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