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Their system is the real firestarter

Their system is the real firestarter Wildfires raging across European countries are part of a worldwide climate catastrophe. Our rulers are content to call the fires a ‘natural disaster’—but their drive for profit is the real cause, say socialists in affected areas

International round up: Students in Turkey ‘won’t back down’

International round up: Students in Turkey ‘won’t back down’ Student protests have swept across Turkey, beginning at Istanbul’s Bogazici university. They could develop into the biggest revolt by young people since the Gezi Park protests of 2013.

How British imperialism split Cyprus

How British imperialism split Cyprus With Turkey and Greece the closest to conflict than they have been in years Nick Clark explains why Cyprus has been such a focus point for imperialist powers, especially Britain

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war

Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war A long-running border dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan has flared up with some of the heaviest fighting in four years.

Energy rows in the Mediterranean reflect deepening imperialist rivalries

Energy rows in the Mediterranean reflect deepening imperialist rivalries There is a scramble going on to grab the gas reserves in the north eastern Mediterranean. Competition over energy is interwoven with the growing struggle for dominance in a Middle East thrown into chaos

‘Bring in all the refugees —give them asylum now’

‘Bring in all the refugees —give them asylum now’ As European border forces prepare to beat back thousands of refugees, the call needs to go out to let them in.

Erdogan’s imperial play comes undone

03 March 2020
The Brazilian Marxist Ruy Mauro Marini coined the concept of “sub-imperialism” back in the 1960s. The concept applies perfectly to Turkey under president Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Kurds—a history of agony

20 October 2019
The Kurds once again find themselves under attack and under pressure from imperial powers

London demonstration shows solidarity with Kurds against Turkish invasion of Syria

13 October 2019
Around 20,000 people marched through London

Turkish socialists condemn invasion of Syria and attacks on refugees

10 October 2019
The Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (Dsip) in Turkey calls for peace and support for refugees

Donald Trump backs a Turkish invasion of Syria

08 October 2019
Donald Trump gave the go-ahead for a Turkish invasion of northern Syria on Monday in another betrayal of the Kurdish people.

Istanbul mayor vote a blow for Turkey’s president

25 June 2019
Opposition delivers major defeat to the ruling AKP party by winning re?run Istanbul election

Is Erdogan slipping?

02 April 2019
Turkey’s “strongman” leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan suffered a severe setback

Turkey gains from isolationist Donald Trump

01 January 2019
Just before Christmas Donald Trump took an important step towards controlling his own administration. By announcing the withdrawal of US troops in Syria he provoked the resignation of his defence secretary Jim Mattis.

Clash between Turkey and Saudi Arabia gives Donald Trump a headache

16 October 2018
We’ve seen again how hard it has become to manage the Middle East in the interests of Western imperialism. The players this time are the US, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Mass strike in Turkey defies state repression

18 September 2018
Construction workers’ action is against firms with close links to the government

Turkish turmoil could trigger wider collapse

13 August 2018
The plunge in the value of the Turkish currency is a sign of escalating tension with the US. But it may also indicate a coming economic storm that could hit many more countries and wreck millions of lives.

LETTERS: Turkey’s ban on Pride shows Erdogan fears a united fight

17 July 2018
On Sunday 2 July the Turkish state crushed Istanbul’s LGBT+ Pride celebrations for the third year in a row.

Election win in Turkey solidifies Erdogan’s rule

26 June 2018
Recep Tayyip Erdogan claimed re-election as Turkey’s president on Sunday in a triumph for his tactics of repressing opposition forces and gagging the media.

Erdogan under pressure as voters go to polls in Turkey

19 June 2018
 President Erdogan would be forced into a run-off if he secures less than 50 percent of the first round votes.

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