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Neoliberalism is alive and useful to rulers

Neoliberalism is alive and useful to rulers Is neoliberalism over? This is what many of its defenders are beginning to fear. Chris Giles, the economics editor of the Financial Times, recently lamented, “The left is winning the economic battle of ideas.”

LETTERS—How medical monopolies wreck the lives of millions

LETTERS—How medical monopolies wreck the lives of millions The vaccine rollout is a cause for celebration for many, but it also shines a spotlight on Western domination over the Global South.

Israeli apartheid unmasked

Israeli apartheid unmasked An explosive report has laid bare the horror of Israel’s apartheid state. It also underlines that the state relies on the continued repression of Palestinians, writes Nick Clark. And to change that we need a movement of resistance

Vaccine disparity—is imperialism in workers’ interests?

Vaccine disparity—is imperialism in workers’ interests? As India’s health system collapses under a new wave of Covid-19, Socialist Worker examines whether Western workers are gaining from the way imperialism operates

The European Union paid and trained the military thugs in Myanmar

The European Union paid and trained the military thugs in Myanmar The EU provided more than £35 million to the Myanmar police between 2016 and 2021

Major report says Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid

Major report says Israel is guilty of the crime of apartheid Human Rights Watch is the latest major organisation to provide damning evidence of Israel's apartheid policies

How French imperialism propped up slain ruler in Chad

25 April 2021
Dictator Idriss Deby, killed last week, helped France cling on to its colonial legacy in Africa, writes Charlie Kimber

Sport and the system—whose game are we playing?

23 April 2021
Sport offers relief and a sense of collective identity denied to us by capitalism—but bosses also use it to make profits and divide us. Sam Ord explores the contradictions

War and a deadly system—why conflict is central to capitalism

20 April 2021
US president Joe Biden plans to keep using force to promote US imperialism, despite Middle East defeats. Nick Clark says it’s the way capitalism works that creates constant conflicts

The partition of Ireland—fighting the empire

19 April 2021
Simon Basketter looks at why Britain split Ireland up during its battle for independence

US says it will leave Afghanistan—a bitter defeat for warmongers

15 April 2021
But despite the promises, president Joe Biden will still try to keep control in the region

Northern Ireland riots sparked by legacy of British imperialism

12 April 2021
As Loyalist areas of Northern Ireland face unrest, Simon Basketter explains why the protests are taking place now, and what they mean for Britain’s imperialist interests

Western powers block move to lift patent rules for Covid-19 vaccines

13 March 2021
The dominant Western powers have ganged up to prevent the World Trade Organisation (WTO) from lifting patent rules on Covid-19 vaccines.

Rosa Luxemburg—reform is not enough

27 February 2021
Rosa Luxemburg, born 150 years ago this week, fought reformist ideas to argue for revolution. Isabel Ringrose looks at what her economic writings contributed to Marxist ideas

Starmer’s Labour backs arms bosses, nukes and war

26 February 2021
The Labour Party has promised generals it backs spending more on the military, nuclear weapons, Britain’s arms industry and the Nato military alliance.

Israel’s new vaccine scandal shows it’s an apartheid regime

17 February 2021
Israel has blocked a shipment of coronavirus vaccines from reaching Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip, while Israeli politicians consider withholding them as blackmail.

Why Britain assists the crimes of Saudi Arabia

14 February 2021
Saudi Arabia continues to wage a brutal, yet profitable war in Yemen. Nick Clark explains the role of western imperialism

Myanmar—how can resistance win change?

09 February 2021
In the last two years people have risen up repeatedly to challenge brutal regimes and inequality across the world. Such revolts have raised starkly the question of how to achieve real change.

Myanmar is fought over by imperialists

09 February 2021
The neoliberal imperialists who have returned to office in Washington with Joe Biden are finding the world has become more complicated since they left with Barack Obama four years ago.

Rulers’ ‘democracy’ a lie

02 February 2021
Western politicians love to demand democracy—but only where it suits them.

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