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Rising imperialist tensions and war games over Taiwan

Rising imperialist tensions and war games over Taiwan Taiwan, an island about 100 miles east of China, is at the centre of imperialist rivalries.

Capitalism will not solve energy squeeze

Capitalism will not solve energy squeeze Energy is what the political economist Simon Bromley called a “strategic commodity”. In other words, a state that controls access to it has power over other states.

Protest at Cop26 to tackle climate inaction

Protest at Cop26 to tackle climate inaction Activists are stepping up preparations for mass demonstrations around the Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow. The main day of mobilisation is Saturday 6 November, just three weeks away.

Evergrande shows China’s rulers can’t bank on ‘market miracle’ anymore

Evergrande shows China’s rulers can’t bank on ‘market miracle’ anymore As Chinese real estate giant Evergrande teeters on the edge, pundits are speculating whether its collapse could pull down the global economy. Socialist Worker looks at what’s behind the crisis

Biden ramps up new arms race with China

Biden ramps up new arms race with China Aukus is the agreement by the United States and Britain to supply Australia with the technology to build eight nuclear submarines.

Europe’s imperialism is still reliant on US

Europe’s imperialism is still reliant on US The Western ruling classes’ response to the entirely predictable Taliban victory in Afghanistan is astonishing—combining arrogance, self-deception, and panic.

Dangerous wounded beasts—the failures of imperialism

29 August 2021
Nick Clark looks at the US's and Britain's huge defeats in Afghanistan

International round-up: Democracy under threat in Tunisia after coup

10 August 2021
President Kais Saied is manoeuvring for total power after his takeover last month, explains Nick Clark

Lessons of Hong Kong resistance

11 July 2021
It has been one year since the repressive Security Law was enacted in Hong Kong. Lam Chi Leung, an activist based in Hong Kong, explains how the situation has changed.

Letters—Young people are turning left, and towards socialism

06 July 2021
New research from the right wing Institute of Economic Affairs shows 67 percent of young people are rejecting capitalism in favour of socialism.

China’s champions of state capitalism

29 June 2021
Zheng Zeguang, the Chinese ambassador to Britain, recently tweeted a picture of him visiting Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate, London.

Biden tries to pull Russia into his battle with China

20 June 2021
Presidents Putin and Biden met last week for a summit. Socialist Worker investigates what the outcome means for imperialism

Is there a ‘new cold war’ between the US and China?

14 June 2021
As US president Joe Biden goes on a mission to turn the West against China, Nick Clark investigates the competition between the capitalist states

Myanmar is fought over by imperialists

09 February 2021
The neoliberal imperialists who have returned to office in Washington with Joe Biden are finding the world has become more complicated since they left with Barack Obama four years ago.

Hong Kong protest movement leaders face jail

23 November 2020
Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam could be imprisoned for five years

Hypocrisy from the top over China's oppressed Uyghur minority

21 July 2020
British politicians have suddenly discovered they’re passionate defenders of human rights again.

Huawei ban is about West’s tech control

20 July 2020
The Tories last week announced the removal of Chinese technology firm Huawei from Britain’s new 5G network

Korean War showed up imperialist barbarism

05 July 2020
The ‘forgotten war’ that began 70 years ago wrecked a country so that big powers could grab more influence, writes Sophie Squire

Mass demonstrations defy draconian new laws in Hong Kong

02 July 2020
Thousands of demonstrators defied the new law and a police ban on protests by chanting pro-independence slogans and waving independence flags

India-China battles warn of rising tension

22 June 2020
High in the barren mountains of Ladakh, just downwind from the Himalayas, a seemingly bizarre series of fights took place last week.

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