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Don’t be a spectator in the Tory civil war—it’s time to revolt

Don’t rely on Labour to force out the Tories, we need a summer of discontent
Issue 2813
Big enthusiastic crowd with red RMT flags, GMB white, orange and black placards and many others

We need more struggle like the rail strikes last month to drive out the Tories (Picture: Guy Smallman)

Our side can stop the Tories in their tracks—but only if we massively up the level of resistance. A summer of discontent—of strikes, protests and rebellion—could not only force Boris Johnson to leave Downing Street. 

It would make sure that whoever follows Johnson is faced with revolt from day one, and help to drive out the whole lot of rotten Tories.   

Johnson’s resignation has plunged the Tories into civil war with a collection of rich racists vying for the leadership. But they are united around one thing. That the only solution to the crisis facing the Tory party, and British capitalism, is to make working class people pay.

So it’s everyone’s job to make sure working class people capitalise on the Tory crisis, exploiting the weakness and division on their side. 

Crucially, this means not being spectators to the Tory crisis or relying on the parliamentary manoeuvres of the Labour Party. 

Keir Starmer’s Labour Party had tabled a vote of no confidence against Johnson, with MPs set to vote on Wednesday of this week. We want Johnson to go. But where was a no-confidence vote when tens of thousands of people died at the height of the pandemic? 

Instead, Starmer promised to be a “constructive opposition” to the Tories. He spent the pandemic attacking the left and cosying up to the British state and big business to prove Labour’s no real threat to the system.

Labour offers no real solutions to the crisis facing millions of working class people across Britain. Instead, we need to up the tempo of resistance on the picket lines and streets. It’s hugely welcome that thousands of Aslef and TSSA union members have voted to join the rail workers’ struggle.

It comes after the three successful strikes by RMT union members at Network Rail and 13 train operating companies last month. They won support in the labour movement and wider society, with one poll showing 58 percent thought the strikes were “justified”. That’s because working class people across Britain are facing a social emergency as prices soar.

The strikes became a beacon for everyone who’d had enough of Johnson, the Tories and all of their rotten policies. 

The leaders of the rail unions need to call hard-hitting strikes now. And the other union leaders should mobilise for a fightback to win inflation-busting pay increases. And, if they don’t, rank and file activists have to push them into action.

In the other ballots for strikes due to take place, activists have to mobilise the biggest possible yes votes for action.  

Let’s all get onto the streets, let’s strike, let’s rage against the rotten system—and fight to impose socialist solutions onto their crisis. 

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