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LETTERS – PM’s response to flooding shows he’s part of the elite

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Boris Johnson sparked anger when he visited flood-hit earlier this month
Boris Johnson sparked anger when he visited flood-hit earlier this month (Pic: PA)

Boris Johnson’s response to the flooding in South Yorkshire exposed that he doesn’t understand what it’s like to live on very little money (Socialist Worker, 20 November).

I live in Bentley, Doncaster, where both Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn visited.

My house wasn’t flooded, but I’ve got a friend whose entire home was wrecked. The whole of Hunt Lane, where they live, was up to the waist in water.

I think people were angry because Johnson comes from such a different background.

Everything was damaged—people’s homes, carpets, TVs and other possessions—and many worry about how they’ll replace them. Johnson has never had to struggle with anything like normal people do. When he came, it was like he was an alien.

I know people from Fishlake—an area that was badly affected—and they criticised Johnson for the whole time he was there.

I don’t think he will be getting any northern support in the general election, not from people I know anyway.

All Johnson has attempted to do is damage control.

But Tory cuts have definitely had an impact. There’s a caravan park in Doncaster and it has no flood defences in the slightest, or proper drainage systems. And the place in Bentley that got flooded is nowhere near the river and so poorly built.

Bentley is run down completely—it has no money going into it and nothing gets fixed.

When Corbyn came to Doncaster, he was so sympathetic to people and was talking to them like an actual person.

I think Corbyn’s message will get support in Doncaster because he tried to do something and give a hand.

In future there need to be more flooding warnings and defences, and more in place for people who are affected.

Toni Force, Doncaster

A Johnson win would boost the fascists

The fact that Tommy Robinson last week endorsed Boris Johnson for prime minister is not very surprising.

It shows everything you need to know about the both of them.

I think they have similar agendas and neither of them care about minorities—whether that’s ethnic minorities or the LGBT+ community.

Having someone like Johnson as prime minister gives hope to fascists like Robinson.

They think that if Johnson can do it, then they can as well.

So if he does win, that would be a massive boost for the far right and help them to push their agenda. They are against immigration and just want a hard Brexit with or without a deal.

I came face to face with the far right campaigning against Robinson, when he was standing to be an MEP for the North West of England during the European elections in May.

We turned out in Warrington to tell Robinson that he’s not welcome in our town.

And ultimately, his supporters just turned violent.

I ended up getting my nose broken after having four guys beating the shit out of me.

People really need to listen to what’s going on in this election and get Johnson out.

Alice Edwards, Warrington

Lib Dems – the nuclear option for the middle class

I can’t believe that anyone would consider the Lib Dems to be a progressive choice in the general election (Socialist Worker, 20 November).

For a start party leader Jo Swinson didn’t hesitate saying she’d launch nuclear missiles—which would murder millions of people.

Second, they are to the right of the Tories on austerity and economic policy.

Swinson has attacked the Boris Johnson for making “uncosted” spending commitments.

Swinson herself was a business minister in the Tory Lib Dem coalition government.

They quickly ditched quite progressive policies, such as an amnesty for undocumented migrants.

And now Swinson has hinted that she would prop up a Tory minority government in exchange for a second referendum—has she no shame?

Julia Ryder, Worcestershire

Oxford Union racism is the tip of the iceberg

Ebenezer Azamati, a black visually-impaired student, being dragged out of the Oxford Union shows how endemic racism is at our universities.

Oxford University sought to wipe their hands clean, claiming that it has no influence over the debating society.

And Brendan McGrath only resigned as union president following pressure from the African Caribbean Society and anti-racist organisations.

This is a racist matter. The Oxford Union has constantly invited racist speakers, but they prevent a black student from attending their events.

Oxford is not alone in having the plague of racism on its campus.

At Lancaster University the Snowsports Society wore wearing shirts with racial slurs on them last year. Moreover, far right group Generation Identity has been trying to build on campuses.

One key reason behind this is that universities do not take racism seriously.

But people have been fighting back. Our side should not just be responsive to racist incidents. We need to grow and make sure that every place is an anti-racist zone.

Harjeevan Gill, West London

You’re hard on Evo Morales

Socialist Evo Morales, who was removed in a coup earlier this month, was president of Bolivia for 13 years (Socialist Worker, 20 November).

He slashed poverty by half, halved infant mortality, reduced chronic malnourishment of children from 27 percent to 16 percent and almost tripled the electrification of rural homes.

And Socialist Worker writes this week that this was “not ambitious enough”.

Jeremy Corbyn has been in office for zero years. He has betrayed the Palestine solidarity movement, promises to renew Trident nuclear weapons and hire more border guards and police.

And what’s Socialist Worker’s verdict? “Vote Corbyn”!

Will Harney, On Facebook

Immigration hits workers

I read your article on Unite union leader Len McCluskey being against free movement (Socialist Worker, 20 November).

Uncontrolled free movement hits the working class hardest. The middle class loves cheap labour.

Paul Moor, On Facebook

Free movement should mean exactly that—not just a select few European Union countries, otherwise it’s discriminatory.

How can any true socialist be against it?

Ian Walker, On Facebook

Don’t buy racist myths

Blaming working class immigrants for lowering wages is nothing but propaganda with the aim of distracting us from what the ruling class is doing.

We should blame the capitalist class and politicians who make the laws.

Paul Zabulon Grant, On Facebook

How will robbing workers of free movement improve their ability to earn money?

McCluskey is a dinosaur.

Chez Branger, On Facebook

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