By Tomáš Tengely-Evans
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Halt the rise of Robinson’s street army with unity

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Issue 2633
We need thousands out to stop the fascists in their tracks, as on previous Stand Up To Racism demonstrations
We need thousands out to stop the fascists in their tracks, as on previous Stand Up To Racism demonstrations (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Nazi figurehead Tommy Robinson has called on his supporters to march against the “Great Brexit Betrayal” in central London this Sunday, 9 December.

He hopes to use the Tories’ Brexit crisis to grow the far right.

The march is backed by Ukip leader Gerard Batten and other prominent far right figures.

Anti-fascists were pushing for a united demonstration against Robinson as Socialist Worker went to press on Tuesday.

Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have moved their counter-demonstration to BBC Broadcasting House. It is backed by the Muslim Association of Britain and the Democracy for Brazil UK group.

Labour left group Momentum, the Stop Trump Coalition, women’s groups and others will also gather outside the BBC on Portland Place.

SUTR said, “The united counter demonstration is for all anti-fascists, regardless of their positions on Leave/Remain on Brexit. Its focus is opposing Tommy Robinson, fascism and racism.

“Join us to say no to racism and no to fascism and stop this fascist seeking to exploit May’s crisis to build his far right street movement.

“We have to come together to stop him.”

The anti-fascist counter-demonstration will march to Whitehall where the fascists and racists plan to hold a rally. It comes after Batten appointed Robinson as a personal adviser on rape gangs and prison reform.

The new rise of the right
The new rise of the right
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When the far right talk of “rape gangs” it is code for pushing the racist smear that Muslim or Asian “culture” is responsible for sexual abuse.

Batten has pulled Ukip in a far right direction. He has repeatedly spoken at fascist-organised rallies, described Islam as a “death cult” and pushed antisemitic conspiracy theories.

But Batten has also suffered a kickback from Ukip’s traditional ­conservative wing, which wants to focus on Brexit and racist ­scapegoating of migrants.

For them, the open association with fascists is a step too far.

This wing tried to push through no confidence votes among Ukip MEPs and the party’s national executive committee last week. Ukip said that the national executive “voted overwhelmingly” against the motion. But it also refused to endorse Robinson’s appointment and headed off Batten’s long term ambition to welcome Robinson as a party member.

Former members of the fascist British National Party and English Defence League are banned from joining the Ukip.

Robinson was a member of the BNP and a co-founder of the EDL.

Batten’s embrace of Robinson is another sign of the growing links between the fascists, racist populists and traditional conservatives.

The march this coming Sunday will bring together groups from across the far right.

Anti-fascist unity is crucial to push back the resurgent forces of the far right in Britain.

A big, united demonstration on Sunday can help build a movement that can confront the Nazis and break their confidence on the streets.

Go to Facebook event Oppose Tommy Robinson in London—unite against racism & fascism

Vicious racist lies exposed

Tommy Robinson’s racist lies about Jamal, a Syrian refugee school student, unravelled last week.

The Nazi figurehead was forced to admit that he shared “fake news” about the ­ 15 year old.

Footage showed another pupil at Almondbury Community School in Huddersfield, South Yorkshire, grab Jamal by the throat.

The attacker had shared Robinson and Britain First posts on his Facebook page.

Robinson tried to capitalise on the attack. He posted a video saying that Jamal had attacked other children.

But he was later forced to admit this was false.

Kirklees Stand Up To Racism initiated a public statement calling for solidarity after the attack.

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