By Isabel Ringrose
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Peel Ports go on offensive

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Workers are returning to work this week, but aren't giving up in the face of bullying from the bosses
Issue 2830
Liverpool Dockers on the picket line. some are holding red Unite the union flags

Liverpool dockers on the picket line in their fight for pay (Picture: Unite North West)

Liverpool dock workers finished their fifth week of strikes last Sunday. The Unite union members will now return to work for a week, and plan to strike again from next Monday on a week-in-week-out basis.

The strikers are demanding a pay rise in line with RPI inflation from bosses at Peel Ports, as well as a change to pay grades and structures.

Bosses retaliated by issuing 132 redundancy notices—which the strikers are standing firmly against.

They also claim the strikers have been offered up to 14 percent as part of a package deal. But this includes add-ons for working nights and changes to pay that were supposed to be implemented as part of last year’s pay deal. And for the second time a deal was offered—this time 10 percent—but Peel Ports’ board pulled the offer. 

Protesters had also planned to travel to different sites owned by the bosses or their clients. But Peel Ports threatened them with sackings if the company is brought into disrepute. Strikers should not back off because of such threats.

To win, the strike must have maximum impact on Peel Ports’ profits. 

Already other dockers in Hull and Southampton have agreed not to handle redirected cargo. This is vital solidarity that will hit shipping and port bosses hard.

So far the strikers have shown solid resistance in the face of lies that the company has pumped out, including that the dockers earn an average of £43,000 a year.But striking for longer periods and pushing their dispute as wide as possible will give the dockers the best chance of success.

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