By Tomáš Tengely-Evans
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With just days to go, Jeremy Corbyn continues to gain support among workers

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Issue 2557
Crowds rally to hear Corbyn speak in Gateshead on Monday night
Crowds rally to hear Corbyn speak in Gateshead on Monday night

Jeremy Corbyn has promised to break with Theresa May’s policies of austerity, racism and war.

This radical, socialist message has put a firm dividing line between the main parties—and is inspiring working class people to take action and get behind Labour.

Rahat Khan, who lives in the Labour-held marginal constituency of Halifax, joined the party because of Corbyn.

In the disillusioned Labour marginals, compromise is Corbyn’s worst enemy
In the disillusioned Labour marginals, compromise is Corbyn’s worst enemy
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“In years gone by there wasn’t a lot of difference between Labour and the Tories,” he explained to Socialist Worker.

“But Jeremy Corbyn talks about fairness and justice”.

People are angry at Tory austerity, from hospital closures to schools funding cuts and the lack of decent housing.

Corbyn’s turn towards a more insurgent campaign has helped rally many people who are outraged by the cuts around Labour.

Bunmi is an occupational therapist at Homerton University Hospital in east London and first-time Labour voter.

She told Socialist Worker, “I enjoy caring for people and want to continue doing that, but there’s a lot of pressures and blame culture.

“I just don’t want the health service to become like the American one.”


The brutality of May’s plans were revealed with the “dementia tax” which would force older people to pay even more for care at home.

The Tories have already decimated social care services across the board.

As Katherine, another health worker, told Socialist Worker, “There have been big cuts to social care services, which means that patients have to stay in hospital a lot longer than they need to–but Jeremy Corbyn supports public services.”

Patrick Hunter is a Unison union member and housing worker in the north London borough of Barnet, which has been a guinea pig for Tory privatisation.

“We keep being told that we’re the fifth richest country in the world, but we have an increasing number of people on the streets,” he told Socialist Worker.

“I want a Labour government that’s going to build council housing.”

Corbyn’s long-standing opposition to war has also gained him further support. For Rahat it’s important that he’s “not a warmonger and said he’s going to recognise Palestine”.

The Tories and their friends in the right wing media have gone all out to try and discredit Corbyn.

Emma, a university student, joined a 100-strong protest outside the BBC in central London last Friday. “It’s ridiculous they won’t play the Liar Liar song, but that’s small compared to the bias against Corbyn,” she told Socialist Worker.

A win for May will boost every bullying boss and Trump-supporting bigot.

But despite the right’s attempts Corbyn’s message is getting through.

We have to vote for Labour in England and Wales—a win for Corbyn will boost working class people to fight for a different sort of society.

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