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From Cuba: a description of the protests

From Cuba: a description of the protests As a service to a fuller understanding of the recent Cuban protests, we publish a description by socialists in Cuba.

US imperialism, capitalism and Cuban protests

US imperialism, capitalism and Cuban protests The current protests in Cuba have raised arguments. Sophie Squire analyses the nature of Cuban state capitalism, the pressure from the US and today’s revolt.

Back the protests in Cuba, but beware US imperialism

Back the protests in Cuba, but beware US imperialism Mass protests in Cuba are prompted by real grievances. Sophie Squire looks at the revolt but warns of the forces that will try to use them

Wasp Network is a solid Cuban political spy thriller

Wasp Network is a solid Cuban political spy thriller This film on Netflix tells a little known story of US state-sponsored terror without romanticising Cuba’s Castro government

Cuban lessons for Latin America’s left

Cuban lessons for Latin America’s left Latin America has returned to the headlines with the explosive revolts in Chile and Ecuador. They show how neoliberalism continues to evoke massive popular resistance

The Troublemaker - Thatcher’s Tories covered up the tainted blood scandal

The Troublemaker - Thatcher’s Tories covered up the  tainted blood scandal Margaret Thatcher’s Tory government had a deliberate policy of refusing to accept any responsibility for allowing contaminated blood to be given to haemophiliacs.

Fidel Castro 1926-2016

29 November 2016
History must judge Fidel Castro both as the freedom fighter whose defiance humiliated US imperialism and as the ruler of a repressive, unequal society.


18 August 2015
Includes letters on Cuba-US relations, GM crops ban, defending abortion rights and more.

US to end 55-year embargo of Cuba

06 January 2015
The US government has finally agreed to re-establish full diplomatic ties with Cuba. The two countries are set to exchange ambassadors for the first time since 1961.

Storm Sandy shows the hypocrisy of our rulers

30 October 2012
Post-tropical storm Sandy is the largest Atlantic tropical system on record. Before it hit the US it ravaged Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Ska With Laurel: Bringing together history and politics of British ska

02 November 2010
Born in Cuba in 1927 but settling in Jamaica at the age of 11, Laurel Aitken was dubbed "The Godfather of Ska", and he was the real pioneer of the genre.

Obama’s ‘backyard’ politics for Latin America are very much like George Bush’s

17 June 2008
A few weeks ago US presidential hopeful Barack Obama travelled to Miami to speak to the Cuban American Foundation, a right wing organisation much loved by George Bush.

Castro and Cuba

26 February 2008
Fidel Castro, who stepped down as president of Cuba last week, is one of the most important and influential Latin American political leaders of the last century.

Classic Cuban films on DVD

04 December 2007
Three classic Cuban films by two of the country’s most important directors have just been released on DVD for the first time.

British helped US in abduction

31 July 2007
British resident Bisher al-Rawi last week exposed the horrific events that he endured when he was abducted by US agents and taken to Gunatanamo Bay in Cuba in 2003. He also revealed the role that British MI5 agents played in his abduction.

Mike Gonzalez's audio reports from Venezuela

25 June 2007
Mike Gonzalez is currently visiting Caracas. He is a leading member of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain and author of many books, including Che Guevara And The Cuban Revolution and A Rebel’s Guide To Marx. He is

Worldwide protests on Guantanamo’s 5th anniversary

13 January 2007
The global anti-war movement will be marking the fifth anniversary of Guantanamo Bay with protests this week. Activists, including Cindy Sheehan and former prisoners, will lead a demonstration outside the detention facility in Cuba.

Ojos de Brujo: the new, vital sound of the Spanish city

01 April 2006
"Eyes of the Wizard", Ojos de Brujo in Spanish, are a group of friends who jammed together and turned into a band. They have become known for a sound rooted in flamenco, but mixed with everything – North African rai, rap, Cuban and Indian music.

A bold celebration of Cuba’s ‘cinema of urgency’

04 March 2006
Cuban cinema first came into its own after the 1959 revolution with the creation of the Cuban film institute, ICAIC. The British Film Institute has put together a selection of ICAIC films which is currently touring the country.

Guantanamo hunger strike is in its second month

17 September 2005
Many of the detainees held without trial in the US camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba are so desperate that they have embarked on a hunger strike in order to have their cases heard.

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