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Campaigners vow to build the fight against Trump at forum in London

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A united call to organise against the racist, sexist bigot Donald Trump went out from a national conference in London today, Saturday.
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Speakers at the Stand Up To Trump conference called for a united fight against him
Speakers at the Stand Up To Trump forum called for a united fight against him (Pic: Socialist Worker)

A united call to organise against the racist, sexist bigot Donald Trump went out from a national forum in London today,Saturday.

The Stand Up To Trump Summit brought together more than 300 people from across the rising movement against Trump’s bigotry and racism.

It was called by a broad range of organisations, including Stand Up To Racism, Stop the War, the Muslim Association of Britain, the People’s Assembly, and the Abortion Rights campaign among many others.

Tory prime minister Theresa May has invited Trump to Britain on an official state visit, but growing anger is isolating her.

Harlan, a student from York, told Socialist Worker, “People want to do something about Trump and are really happy that the protests are happening”.

That movement has been fuelled by Trump’s Muslim ban, but the anger also goes much deeper than that.


Huda, from Manchester, told Socialist Worker, “I’m half Palestinian half Iraqi, I’ve been exposed to what’s happened in the Middle East because of Western involvement.

“When the ban on people from Muslim majority countries I thought this is hypocritical, because the US is the reason that they’re fleeing from those countries”.

Lindsey German from Stop the War argued that we’re fighting against the Theresa May and Tories’ bigotry too, not just Trump.

“We’re campaigning against Trump but we have to campaign against Theresa May as well,” she said.

Mohammed, a student, agreed, “Theresa May’s supporting Trump because she had got the same values as he has”.

Delegates shared experiences about how they’re organising against Trump.

Delegates at the Stand Up To Trump forum
Delegates at the Stand Up To Trump forum (Pic: Socialist Worker)

One person described from the floor how they’d pressured Gateshead council in the north east to say it wouldn’t contribute money to Trump’s trip.

Others emphasised the importance of culture to the movement. Curly from Birmingham told people how they’re organising a Love Music Hate Racism gig in the city in March.

Kerry Abrams from Abortion Rights UK called on people to organise against anti-abortion bigots who are planning a “US-style March for Life” in Birmingham on 20 May.

“We want to stand in solidarity with all groups, Muslim groups, that stand against Donald Trump who is trying to divide us,” she said.

The last few weeks have seen mass mobilisations across Britain, including a 40,000-strong march in London two weeks ago.

Nadia and Ammarah had come from Queen Mary University in east London. Ammarah told Socialist Worker, “I thought the turnout on the demonstration was brilliant and got what we’re sayings across.

“I was a bit disappointed afterwards because Trump is still carrying on and we still have a long way to go”.

Nadia added, “But Trump now won’t be able to speak in front of parliament if he comes. I think Theresa May is in trouble over inviting Trump—it’s about keeping up that pressure”.


After the speaker of the House of Commons said Trump should not address MPs, it was suggested Trump would speak in Birmingham instead.

Student Mohammed, who’d come as part of a delegation from Birmingham, told Socialist Worker, “If Trump comes to Birmingham, there will be thousands out protesting. Trump will not be able to get his way”.

He added, “We need to keep doing what we’re doing so the movement we’ve got doesn’t fade away”.

Campaigners are next planning to protest across Britain this Monday as MPs debate a petition calling on Trump’s invitation to be withdrawn.

The protests will be the next chance to build and strengthen the movement against Trump.

Weyman Bennett from Stand Up To Racism called on people to join the Stand Up To Racism demonstrations on 18 March.

“It’s part of building the movement and saying we’re going to stand in resistance,” he said.

“The special relationship with the US was never a good thing but with Trump it’s toxic”.

Other speakers included NUT teachers union general secretary Kevin Courtney, Mohammed Kozbar from the Muslim Association of Britain and Faduma Hassan from Labour left group Momentum.

These events will be a key part of building the movement against Trump and making sure there is a militant response if he comes.

As Mariyam told Socialist Worker, “The marches and rallies so far are just one part of the fightback, but it needs to be pushed much further”.

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