By Sam Ord
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Tories send yet more billions to fund Ukraine war 

World leaders are digging deep into their pockets to provide ammunition for their imperialist proxy war
The G7 talking about how to fight their war

Boris Johnson on a G7 conference call to discuss Ukraine war (pic: Number 10)

Boris Johnson vowed last weekend to fuel the clash of imperialist powers in Ukraine with an additional £1.3 billion in military support. It’s a massive increase in financial and military support and the largest military conflict investment since the height of imperialist war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The £1.3 billion sum will include the £300 “military kit” promised by Johnson previously. It includes radar systems, GPS jamming and night vision devices. Johnson will also meet with arms companies, who are cashing in massively from the war, to discuss increasing production.

It’s an attempt not only to meet the demands of the ­conflict but to demote Russia’s global arms industry as well. This wave of British military spending adds to earlier financial commitments totalling around £1.5 billion. Chancellor Rishi Sunak took a break from telling ordinary people to tighten their belts to cope with the cost of living crisis to say, “The UK is at the forefront of providing economic, humanitarian and defensive support to Ukraine.”

Britain isn’t alone in considerable increases in military spending. The G7 group, which includes Italy, Germany, Canada, Japan, France, Britain and the US, met virtually with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky last Sunday. 

The Western imperialists reassured him that they would continue military and economic assistance. They believe that if Ukraine can push back Russia then this will be a big step forward for Western interests. A statement from G7 ­leaders said the plan is “to help Ukraine secure its free and democratic future” and we can expect to see financial aid increases “in the coming weeks”. Yet US president Joe Biden fears the media has been too honest in revealing his involvement in the Ukraine war. 

He told administrators that media reports have been counterproductive for the West. His concerns come after the US announced that its spies and surveillance had helped Ukraine locate and hit Russian military targets. 

Biden doesn’t want the US to be seen as directly involved in the Ukraine war with Russia. Yet the arms and assistance it gives to Ukraine show that it is. Biden is currently seeking almost £27 billion to send to war in Ukraine. And deputy defence secretary Kathleen Hicks said Biden is ready to increase the vast £661 billion military budget request for 2023.

According to the secretary of defence, Lloyd Austin, the main motive behind these moves is to see a “weakened” Russia. Another essential motive is to counter its ­imperialist rival China, which the US military brands as the top threat.

US allies are already talking up threats of military action against China in the Pacific Ocean. Australian prime minister Scott Morrison said he would work with allies to stop China from building a military base on the Solomon Islands.

It came after China and the Solomon Islands signed a security pact. A leaked draft of the deal suggested it would allow China to deploy its navy to the Solomons. A US state department official announced they wouldn’t rule out military action if China built a Solomon Islands military base.

The Solomon Islands’ prime minister said last week that the pressure amounts to the threat of “invasion”. Manasseh Sogavare told his parliament on Tuesday that there had been ­“warning of military intervention” over the deal with China. “In other words we are threatened with invasion. And that is serious,” he said.

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