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Donald Trump to visit Britain—join mass protests against him

by Charlie Kimber
Issue No. 2602

A protest against Trump in London last year

A protest against Trump in London last year (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Donald Trump is coming to Britain on Friday 13 July, and he will face mass protest wherever he goes.

One poll this year showed that 4 percent of the population—or around 2 million people—would “definitely” take part in protests against the visit.

We need demonstrations, workplace actions including walkouts if possible, blockades and occupations.

This will be a chance to hit back against the president who has showered billons on the rich and attacked trade unions. Who has rammed through repeated rounds of racist laws, and gloried in sexism and harassment.  

Who has bombed Syria, defended massacres by the Israeli state and denied climate change.

In January Trump announced he wasn’t coming to Britain in the immediate future. He made up excuses about the sale of the old site of the US embassy, but the real reason is that he was afraid of protests.

Now, on his way back from the Brussels Nato summit, he hopes to drop into Britain without facing opposition. He’s deluded. 

The trip is billed only as a “flying visit” rather than an official state one. But Trump will still reportedly meet the queen on the 24-hour trip.

The visit will be held predominantly outside London, amid the fear of protests, The Telegraph newspaper reported.

When we wrecked rulers’ state visits
When we wrecked rulers’ state visits
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Together Against Trump has already called a mass protest on 13 July. This is a new formation which brings together the Stand Up To Trump coalition of anti-racist and anti- war groups, and the Stop Trump grouping launched by Guardian columnist Owen Jones. Both organisations have come together for a one-off national demonstration

Together Against Trump says, “This demonstration isn't just about Trump. The treatment of the Windrush generation has highlighted the British elite's disgraceful record of racism and bigotry. This is a fight against our own ‘hostile environment’ as well as the American government.”

Disgustingly foreign secretary Boris Johnson hailed the “fantastic” news of Mr Trump's visit.

“Looking forward to seeing our closest ally and friend on the GREATest visit ever,” he tweeted.

Others know it won’t be so easy for Trump.

Trump has been urged by British -based supporters to stay away from London.

In a letter to the US President, six conservative groups recommend he should instead focus his visit on his “ancestral home” of Scotland. This will avoid “major protests, crime and disorder” in the capital.

But wherever Trump goes he will meet opposition. State visits have seen protests before, leaving our side stronger and the dignitaries humiliated.

Whether it is Scotland or south London, people will let him know he is not welcome.

For details of the Together Against Trump demonstration go to

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